Sunday, April 21, 2013

Neologic Spasm • John Pescoran • Promo Photos


Neologic Spasm
Black & While Publicity Promo Photographs

As well as producing music under the moniker, Neologic Spasm, John Pescoran is also a well versed Surreal-Pop, Graffiti Artist. When he is not actively producing music or making a series of paintings, he spends countless hours creating a large body of drawings, sketches, video-art pieces and other works of art. With his immersion into Graffiti Sketch art, John was instantly inspired to produce music that would coincide with his unique brand of [Surreal-Pop] Graffiti artwork. 

Unable to keep his Graffiti art in a two-dimensional surface, John set-out to 'turn up the volume' on his new works of art. Like his ability to precisely combine the dreamlike visions of Surrealism with the boldness and optimism of Pop-Art, John manages to combine the sonic harshness of Industrial music with the energy and uptempo beats of Drum and Bass. Ultimately, John Pescoran set out to compose a soundscape that would complement and intensify his new creations.

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