Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"IMPORTED": featuring Japanese Game Composers

Imported is meant to popularize Japanese game music in America by self releasing an album featuring many Japanese game composers.

Launched: Apr 23, 2013 
Funding ends: May 15, 2013 

Japanese video game soundtracks are unique and different from anything we've heard in games in North America. There are games such as Tekken, Beatmania, and Street Fighter which have cool sounding synthesizers, catchy melodies, and great club beats. 

Then there is the music of the Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy franchises and Super Mario Galaxy which give off a grand feeling of adventure and excitement through powerful orchestration. The music of Japanese game composers is surely to get anyone's attention. 

Unfortunately, their music doesn't get much appraisal in North America. Our games tend to gear towards more atmospheric music than melody driven soundtracks. On top of that, importing a game soundtrack from Japan is costly. 

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